Husband Illustrates Everyday Life With Wife In 19 Pictures

Curtis clearly wanted to highlight the shining of love in the darkness of our everydays with the contrast in this cartoon… Do you feel how powerful love can be, even on an ordinary, grey Monday?

you ever felt that you and your lover created a common world that no one is able to steal from you? Then you’re a really lucky person! It doesn’t matter if it’s a boring Sunday or a happy Friday, you always have to remember that feeling that you and your lover possess – remind yourself every day to keep that world alive

you in love with someone who you can share your dreams and plans with? Then don’t hesitate to build your home together! Living with someone who is perfectly your partner in every field of life is one of the biggest privileges a human can have

You don’t always have to go on a date or talk about something special: the best relationships are able to give you privacy while sitting in the same room! Sometimes it’s perfectly enough to lay in bed and read a good book – you still know that you’re with your beloved one.

when everyday life is getting more and more stressful, try to stop for a moment and just stare at your partner while he/she is making a coffee or cleaning the flat: you’ll be surprised how this little ‘routine’ can help you fall in love again!

Remember one thing: try not to be jealous of other couples when you see something good in their lives! Every relationship is perfectly unique and has its good and not so perfect sides, so there’s no need to compare! Love comes in many different shapes and forms just because you see something else in other’s life and relationships does not mean yours is wrong. People are not the same we do, say and think things in a slightly different way. “July 9th, 2012 – Tonight, my wife and I had a long list of things to get done. Instead, we sat on the couch, she read to me, I played guitar for a while, and then I drew a picture… in fact the first drawing on here since finishing the 365 project! In my opinion, these were all better alternatives than “the list”. And I like to let my feet float up in the air while lying on the couch. Don’t know why. Sometimes I do it with my hands too. – Love comes in many different shapes and forms just because you see something else in other’s life and relationships does not mean yours is wrong. People are not the same we do, say and think things in a slightly different way.”

Sometimes things aren’t so easy and a debate turns up out of the blue, but still, always try to remember why you fell in love with your partner and aspire not to hurt him/her in the protection of your own arguments and ego. Just seek patience!

Remember the times before the relationship: have you learned new skills or values while building the common life together? Of course you have! Love is the best opportunity to educate yourself and get out of your comfort zone – be grateful for all these experiences!

changes every day and we luckily are able to motivate each other and help our partner to develop… Try to find something new in your relationship even during hard times and your spark will never expire!

sometimes worse is the more accurate explanation of our current situation, but still, we have those complex and beautiful memories from the good times that help us to survive even a rough patch… Don’t hesitate to be nostalgic!

the best feeling on Earth to feel safe and sound and just simply fall asleep in the arms of your one and only: forget stress and worries just for one hour weekly and take a nap with your lover!

relax and (just for a moment) remember what your lover has done for your already. Think about simple and cute actions like buying your favorite chocolate or carrying you to bed – now it’s time to make that call or send a reminder about your love!

The key of a relationship is always based on the lovers’ goals: if you have common targets and enough love to encourage each other, the sky is the limit!

Have you already heard about the power of kisses? They can express a lot of emotions: love, fear, happiness, forgiving, or even doubts! Sometimes a kiss means more than words – use this weapon every day!

Sleep together, cook together, go to parties together. Naturally, sometimes we need to be alone but still, isn’t it comforting and cozy that you have someone you can always count on? Time to start a gratitude diary…

There’s no need to explain the last cartoon: the biggest step for a couple is to decide to ‘create’ a new existence, a child. The love-journey never ends. This is about a new person arriving and making life better and better… Are you ready?

How about a quick jump to the present? From finding out that you’re pregnant to having two kids there is a really long way to go. No doubt, you will learn more things that you’ve ever did during that period.

and there’s a third baby on the way! Just right in time for a holiday trip to Florida. Who wouldn’t love a great family vacation leaving everything behind for a couple days or weeks and enjoy yourselves.

Spending quality time with your children and wife cannot be compared to anything else. They say that the most valuable things in life are not being sold for a reason. Time to start digging and building yours!

Your kids are growing so fast! You have to use every little moment you have with them because one day you’ll realize they have their own family, job and won’t have as much free time to spend it with you.

When it comes to a problematic situation, who is the first you can ask for help? Even if it is just the need of comfort and emotional stability, our family is always there to make us feel better no matter what happened.

When your wife is pregnant, you might notice that you slowly start to act like you are pregnant, too. Craving and eating all the snacks together, staying up and sleeping late. The problem is, you won’t have a good excuse for getting fat!

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