The Most Perfectly Timed Photos Ever Found

Photography is an amazing tool.  It can capture the perfect moment in the blink of an eye. Sometimes the photographer captures even more than he was expecting. Here are some of the most exquisitely timed photos ever found.

Dance as if no one is looking. Even when everyone is.

Cool water on a hot day. The photographer has definitely captured a moment. Can’t you feel the heat?

Yoga is a fantastic exercise. It promotes flexibility, strength, and an inner sense of well being. Don’t you fell better now? It’s the yoga!

The wind can play many tricks. And when it decides to go in a certain direction even priests can’t help but look.

Was this photo staged? We’ll never know, but that dog certainly does not approve of that couple having a romantic moment together on the beach. Something tells me they won’t forget that day anytime soon.

Weddings are a special time for friends and family to come together to celebrate the union of man and wife. Until the bouquet is thrown, and then get out of the way!  Wow, these ladies really like flowers.

Basketball can be a rough sport. You get pushed, shoved, and sometimes even get a finger up the nose. Ouch!

Talk about an amazingly timed photo! What must the driver of that truck be thinking as the mushroom cloud bears down on him? Faster, faster!

Did this man just marry a half-woman half-horse? No, luckily for him it’s just a bride on a horse with a very flowy dress. Great optical illusion, though.

I have no idea where this photo was taken or what is going on, but it looks like everyone is enjoying the spectacle. Everyone except for the girl on the left who is not impressed at all.

Flying in airplanes is one of the safest types of transportation, but perfectly timed photos like this one might make you rethink that. Thankfully no one was hurt when the lightning bolt struck this Delta plane.

Does that woman have an amazingly flexible neck? Nope, just an optical illusion. The woman who’s head is up is in the back row, but it’s another example of a perfectly timed and framed photograph.

People have been seriously injured by wayward bats and balls at games. This amazingly timed photo shows the bat right at the moment of impact. No information on how badly the man was hurt, but that must have hurt a ton.

Do you think women’s soccer is not as rough and tumble as the men’s side? Then check out this photo. This girl is going to get that ball no matter what is in her way. Not sure the head twist is legal, but you go girl!

Grandpa is officially never allowed to take the car out any more. He doesn’t look too upset by the crash, though. Hope everyone was all right.

A note to the wise: when taking selfies be sure to check for possessed demon dogs in the background of your photo. Best dog photobomb ever? Yes indeed.

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