The Most Perfectly Timed Photos Ever Found 2

Photography is an amazing tool.  It can capture the perfect moment in the blink of an eye. Sometimes the photographer captures even more than he was expecting. Here are some of the most exquisitely timed photos ever found.

This little guy is sure enjoying that bottle. Rock on little dude!

Being a fireman is a risky profession. You always know there’s a chance of injury or worse, but do you ever expect to get blown through the wall of a burning house? Simply incredible.

The scene in Titanic when Rose and Jack are poised on the bow of the ship is so iconic. You’ve always wanted to recreate it, right? Well, as this seagull can tell you, it may not always work out the way you expect.

This poor woman’s day just went from bad to worse. First, they are trespassing on private property (see the sign in the background?). Then the swing breaks, dumping you on your bottom. Ouch.

Don’t let anyone tell you synchronized swimming isn’t a tough sport. It takes strength, stamina, and from the looks of it the ability to withstand a high degree of pain.

High five buddy! A great moment captured between man and whale. Even though the gesture was not intentional on the whale’s part and it’s likely they never even touched, it’s a wonderfully captured moment.

Perspective in photos can really play tricks on the eye. Using a long camera lens tends to flatten out objects that are actually far away from each other. The photographer used that effect here to make it look like the mama giraffe was taking a bite out of the airplane flying by. Talk about perfectly timed!


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