Rescued Fighting Dog Has The Best Reaction To Being Given Pizza

A pooch that was rescued from a cruel life as a fighting dog has the BEST reaction to pizza, making him a guy after my own heart.

Just look how he whizzes round the room, overcome by what’s been dubbed the ‘pizza crust zoomies’.

The loveable doggo, who is called Finn, is a ‘367 dog’ – so called because that’s how many of them were saved on 23 August 2013, which was the beginning of what would become the USA’s second largest multi-state dog fighting bust.

According to the Huffington Post, 14 suspects were arrested as a result – with one, Donnie Anderson, accused of electrocuting or hanging dogs who lost fights. After pleading guilty, he was then sentenced to eight years in prison.

Along with potentially fatal fights, fighting dogs often have to endure heartbreaking conditions. The PETA website states that they are usually kept ‘penned or chained’, while some are also injected with steroids, have their ears cut off to prevent another dog latching on or have their teeth sharpened.

Some dog fighters even add roach poison to their food to try and ensure that their fur tastes bad to other animals.

Many dogs are also starved in order to ‘trigger extreme survival instincts and encourage aggression‘ – which might explain Finn’s adorable yet poignant relationship with pizza.

Thankfully, these days he’s living a much happier life, having been taken in by a foster family before finding a loving permanent home.

In Finn’s bio on his Facebook page, it says: “I grew up on a chain in a yard with lots of other dogs.

“Then, some nice folks from the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) came and rescued me from the neglected situation I was living in. They took good care of me, and when they were able to, they released me to a rescue group called Plenty of Pit Bulls (POPB).

“The lovely people of POPB took me in and put me in a foster home. My foster parents took great care of me and helped prepare me for my forever home.

“Now, I am part of a family with three other dogs and two cats and two humans.”

With hobbies that include napping in the sun, playing with other dogs, going to the beach, playing with his favorite toys and ‘snuggling‘, Finn is now enjoying ‘living the good life’ – which we hope involves plenty of pizza.

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