Cat Was So Scared She Wouldn’t Let Anyone Touch Her For A Year

“It was marvelous. It just felt like my heart burst with joy.”

A 2-year-old cat named Angie didn’t like anyone touching her. If a person reached out a hand to pet her, she’d hiss and growl, or run away and hide in a dark corner.

“She lashed out at any human who tried to get near her,” Fiona Loh, an independent cat rescuer based in Singapore, told The Dodo. “She would also urinate out of fear if anyone touched her. She was a wreck emotionally.”

Angie’s fear of people was understandable based on her history. Last year, rescuers and authorities gained access to a two-bedroom apartment in Singapore and found 94 sick and starving cats living in filth. Angie was one of the them.

“Angie was malnourished and extremely timid,” Loh said. “It took us quite some time to be able to get her secured in a carrier during the rescue operation.”

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